Lifejacket rules and regulations for Victoria, Australia:

Victoria has requirements for wearing Lifejackets at certain times on recreational vessels.

All persons involved in recreational boating in Victoria, and the vessels they operate are required to comply with the relevant marine safety laws in the State.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic)
  • Marine Safety Regulations 2012 (Vic)
  • Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules for Victorian Waters
  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLReGS)
  • Relevant rules made by port managers or waterway managers, and
  • Relevant harbour master directions.

All occupants of the following vessels are required to wear a specified personal flotation device (PFD) when in an open area of the vessel that is underway:

  • powerboat up to and including 4.8metres in length
  • off-the-beach sailing yachts
  • personal watercraft
  • canoes, kayaks, rowing boats and rafts pedal boats and fun boats
  • kite boards and sail boards
  • recreational tenders.

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